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Best at alignments, but better at serving you.

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(435) 610-1879



Does your vehicle pull to the right or wear on the outside edge of your steers? We inspect the alignment of your vehicle and make necessary adjustments so your vehicle drives straight! This can improve fuel mileage, tire life, and the safety of your vehicle.

On-Vehicle Wheel Balancing

Does your vehicle vibrate at high speeds? With our mobile wheel spinner we can balance your wheels. Best part: We don't have to take the wheels off! This allows for a total wheel balance that accounts for the vehicle as a whole; not just the wheels and tires.

Tire Truing

Have your tires developed a bad wear pattern? With our mobile tire truer, we can trim them to remove bad wear patterns!



Hatch Alignment is a family owned business that has  served thousands of truckers and recreational vehicle owners from around the United States. Quinn Hatch, the founder of Hatch Alignment, is a master alignment technician of 35 years who was originally trained by his father Ray Hatch. Jordan Hatch, Quinn's son, recently joined the family business after graduating with a degree in Manufacturing Engineering from BYU and  experience in logistics from Amazon.com. Together, they provide an unparalleled customer experience that puts customers first while making their vehicles more safe and cost effective to operate. Bring them your worst vehicle alignment problems, and its likely they can fix it. 



Questions and appointments

For questions or to make an appointment:


Phone: (435) 610-1879

Email: Hatchalignment@gmail.com


1949 South Main Street

Bay 1

Nephi, UT 84648